Minneapolis Deck

The Minneapolis area has a long tradition of hardwood decks in their backyards. With the many lakes and numerous parks, many yards have a beautiful scenic view right out side their back door. There are many days that the weather is just perfect for a grill out on the deck.

Minneapolis weather can be hard on a deck though, especially the winters. several feet of snow can pile up on decks and porches. Weaker woods, like pine, composites, and other man-made decking materials may break from the weight of the snow, especially after a few years of decay. When you go to remove the snow from the deck, your snow shovel is likely to put deep gouges in the deck boards if they're man made material like PVC or plastic-wood composites. The melting snow causes more problems. The excessive moisture is going be absorbed by composites that are mostly wood fiber; the more wood fiber and the less plastic, the more sponge-like it'll be. This causes the wood to swell excessively, split, warp, twist and grow algae or fungus.

A Minneapolis deck needs to be sturdy and durable. You want it to look great and be easy to maintain. Luckily, Mother Nature has the answer. Ipe Decking. It's 100% solid hardwood. Ipe is the best choice for decks in the greater Minneapolis area because it's the sturdiest decking material you can buy, it looks great, and it's economical. Read our page about ipe decking features.