Ipe Minneapolis

Ipe Decking is the king of all deck materials. It is superior to the other usual wood deck boards like it. It is far superior to all composite decking materials and pvc deck materials. It is even superior to the other tropical hardwoods typically used for deck boards. On top of all that it's beautiful and economical. This explains the sudden surge of ipe decking sales in the last decade.

Here's a break down of Ipe decking features:

Sturdiness Ipe is 8 times stronger than redwood.
Ipe decking has a hardness of 3680 on the Janka hardness scale while redwood has a 420.
Durability Ipe deck boards typically last up to 75+ years without being treated in any way.
Man made deck boards typically lasts less than 10 years.
Not prone to splintering, even after decades.
Resistance Ipe Decking is resistant to fungus and algae
Naturally rot resistant
Ipe Deck boards are termite resistant!
Economy Most composites and man made materials cost the same or more than ipe.
Ipe boards have to be replaced less often than all the others.

How does Ipe Decking beat all the others, hands down, like this? Ipe is a denser wood than almost any other wood in the world. In fact it used to be commonly called iron wood. While it is growing it has oils that contain substances that provide immunity to the many things that kill trees in the harsh forests of Brazil. Wood eating insects, fungi, bacteria, and even fire. Ipe is so renowned for these resistance's that these oils are used to make things like topical antibiotic ointments.